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About Us

Working with information management systems for decades earned us multiple awards and taught us a great deal. But times change and the old ways just don’t work anymore.

It turned out this was true for us as well as for our customers. Our journey began to reinvent ourselves to be successful in today’s more complex and connected world.

And so the PIQNIC super-platform was born.

PIQNIC is now dramatically improving the way organizations work effectively with their people, information and processes.

Welcome to the smart company club.


The beginning

PIQNIC is an ambitious project where Information Management, Business Process Management and Future of Work experts were tasked to design a single platform to help organisations of any size be more innovative and productive.

The old way

The idea came from the realization that the way we work hasn’t changed very much since the industrial age. We’ve simply replaced old ways of work with digital equivalents. Our inboxes are overloaded, we’re joining meeting after meeting, going back-and-forth between apps that don’t talk to each other and we’re always hunting for information. Work and information simply doesn’t flow.

Work reimagined

With all the current tools available, people still can’t get the right information when they need it. Work is spread across multiple, disconnected apps. Repetitive tasks are not automated. People spend too much time distracted with non-productive tasks like meetings, communications and following things up.

This is why so many employees are overworked and stressed. There’s so much more pressure on them to perform yet they’re not given the right tools, environment and culture to excel.

And that’s when we dreamed up PIQNIC.



Our mission is to help organizations of any size with everyday productivity bottlenecks by using our smart platform to bring their People, Information and Work closer together. It just makes sense!

To help achieve this, we built a platform that is ridiculously easy to set up and use. This, combined with an obsession with customer service and support, created PIQNIC, the super-platform.

The result is people and teams have more time to spend doing the work they’re good at and love. Document management and automation to suit your needs.

PIQNIC is challenging the status quo with an innovative information, work and collaboration platform that is really good at helping teams find information, collaborate and work better together.

What makes us different

Before we developed PIQNIC, we spent over 25 years in information and process management. We’ve learned a lot! The vendors we worked with were mostly big software companies and they certainly acted that way.

Over time it became increasingly difficult to maintain our values when we didn’t have control over the platform’s innovation, commercial arrangements and cost.

This needed to change. And so the PIQNIC platform was born.

Being a PIQNIC customer is about hearing “yes” more often. We’ll do everything we can to make sure your experience is positive and memorable across all facets of our service.

It starts with flexible commercial terms with no lock-in and you can start small if you like. The platform is rapid to set up so you won’t need an army of expensive engineers to get going. There’s also no hidden fees or surprises. We agree on pricing upfront and you can add or remove users at will and our fees adjust accordingly. We’re not another faceless tech company so you can always talk to a knowledgeable human that exists just to help you, anytime.


Welcome to the smart company club!


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