Is PIQNIC for every business, big and small?

PIQNIC is for all businesses, big and small. You can start with any number of users and add users whenever you like. We've created value based enterprise plans if you have a particular use case in mind. Just contact us or one of our partners and we'll create a plan that works for your business. Simple.

We have a special requirement. Can we configure PIQNIC to meet our needs?

PIQNIC is a smart platform that can be easily configured so it will look like it's been built just for you. Document searches, file capture, storage, security, user set up and team collaboration is all configurable. We even have an API if you want to go to town. So contact us or request a personalised demo to learn more.

What type of payment methods do we accept?

We currently support Visa and MasterCard or we can simply set you up on account. More options are coming soon.

What's involved in setting up PIQNIC?

Setting up PIQNIC is super fast. First we set up your organization on one of our global availability zones in a region near you. This takes a few minutes. Then the attention moves to how you want to work with documents and files in your organization. If you have a relatively simple document structure, this doesn't take long at all but if you're a large business with many documents and files, departments with special security requirements, the PIQNIC team or one of our certified partners can help with you configure PIQNIC just the way you want. Work management is ready as soon as the user logs in for the first time. You can learn how to set up PIQNIC yourself by becoming certified and attending one of our online, real-person training sessions.

Where is our data stored?

PIQNIC has partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and we have data centres in Australia, Singapore, UK and North America. We can set you up instantly in any of these regions (more coming soon) and that's where your data will be stored and protected. If you have your own AWS account, you can even store your data there, even if you're in another region. You're in control. In our next release, you'll have the option of storing data anywhere you like on any platform.

Can we migrate data from folders and shared drives to PIQNIC?

Yes you can. Our administration module includes a bulk file importer used specifically for importing information from folders, shared drives and other information systems including most document management and ECM platforms. Contact us or one of our partners for more information or help with your migration.

Can we cancel our subscription at any time?

Yes you can although we hope you don't! Our subscription plans do not require a term contract so you can leave PIQNIC for any reason, at any time, without penalties. Contract terms with service levels can be provided with our Enterprise plans

How easy is it to add users?

New PIQNIC users are easily added from the system admin. Simply add their name and email address and add them to the appropriate role and access groups and they'll be on the road to organized in no time. Adding collaboration users is just as easy. Just add their email address to a file share, task or project and they'll be invited to join in.

We have a lot of data in an old document management system. Can we migrate this to PIQNIC?

PIQNIC includes a migration tool specifically for this. Contact us or one of our partners for further information. We completed many data migration from most document management systems so chances are we've done it before.

Can we remove users?

Yes you can. Your system administrator can simple remove them from the user console.

Is it really free to share information and collaborate with non PIQNIC users?

Yes. Not only is it free but it's super easy! Simply send them a link to documents and files or an invitation to some work and presto! If you need to involve a few people with several files you can invite them to a collaboration session via email. Once they've signed in, you can use instant messaging, get decisions made, create tasks, version documents and get stuff done without email, meetings and distractions.