Who are we?


We are thinkers, creators and doers.

We are curious, enthusiastic about positive change and in making a difference. We work with smart companies to create mutually enjoyable and lasting relationships.


Founder - CEO
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Aaron has been actively involved with leadership, technology and business for longer than he cares to admit. With many successes under his belt he appreciates people who “think different”, consider carefully and then act boldly. With his active support, his people succeed and prosper more often than not.


Head of Product
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What does it do?

–          How does it work?

–          When can we have it?

–          How much does it cost?

These are the questions that Adam asks. He does this because he’s been doing this professionally since 2010, after a childhood of being very curious about everything (e.g operated a VCR when he was 2 years old).

And he hasn’t stopped since.


Chief Technology Officer
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Throughout his career, Aleks has been fascinated with the power of technology. As a professional focused on outcomes, his measure of success has always been that technology is introduced to businesses as an agent of positive change.

Aleks considers incompetence and mediocrity, in their various guises, to be the chief enemies of progress. He strongly believes, as described in the words of Dostoevsky, that “beauty will save the world”.


Chief Financial Officer
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Head of Development
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Chief Marketing Officer
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As the man who leads our PIQNIC branding and marketing, John has worked with us from day one. As a genuine creative, he was formally the Chief Creative Officer for Saatchi New Zealand and Co Founder of the New York brand innovation company; Fahrenheit 212.


Chief Operating Officer
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Head of Purfection
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Abandoned as a child and raised alone in the wild, Romeo’s beginnings in life was tough. With an ever so slight vision impairment and tolerating being cared for by our founder, he has honed his skills into other avenues. He is an olympic sleeper, hug monster and has knuckles like Mike Tyson hiding razor sharp daggers.

We’re all slightly scared of him.


Head of User Experience
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Tom believes that great technology can revolutionise how people learn and communicate. He is passionate about shaping products and services that help people focus on what they do want to achieve.

Tom has 10+ years experience creating usable and delightful online experiences and has a proven skill set of skills including design strategy, user research, information architecture, user interface design and usability testing.