What could you do with PIQNIC?

Bring teams, work, and information together in one place. A single, smart platform where you can quickly find the information you need, kick-off projects, manage tasks, share files, review documents, make decisions, engage with customers and partners and message anyone… all this and you’ve never left the platform. Read more about PIQNIC’s features.

Feature Title

Smart document management

With PIQNIC you’ll never lose another document or file ever again. All your information and knowledge is captured, secured and instantly available. It is business grade document management without any of the complexity.

  • Information subscriptions

    Now information finds you. Get notified whenever information you're interested in becomes available. Great for monitoring projects, customer engagement and teams.

  • Smart drag-n-drop capture

    Instantly index, classify and secure documents and files so you'll never lose them again. Enforce rules and workflow to make sure all information is captured accurately. Capture zones can be added to collaboration sessions so third parties can add documents according to your rules.

  • Smart searches

    The hunt is over. Instantly find information based on what it is, not where it is. Configure your searches to the way you want to find information and voila!

  • Notifications

    Get notified whenever some information you're interested in becomes available. Great for monitoring projects, customer engagement and teams

  • Google search

    For finding external information you regularly search for, we've built in Google search so you don't have to leave the platform. Search results can be saved for future reference.

  • Favorite searches and knowledge zone

    Create your own custom searches for information you need regularly. A single click action will reveal all current information.

  • Smart folders

    Group information from multiple sources into smart folders that updates automatically as new information becomes available. Great for projects, research and customer support

  • URL search

    In addition to supporting all document and file types, with PIQNIC you can store URL links to other documents, files and even applications.

  • Bulkload documents & files

    Automate regular or one-off bulk document and file uploads. Great for migrating information from old document management tools and folders to PIQNIC. Is also used for regular content updates like invoices, statements, reports etc.

  • Quick save documents

    For documents and files that you work with regularly, smart drag and drop capture zones make document capture easy and fast.

  • Search results panel

    If your search returns multiple documents and files, you'll see these is the search result panel making it easy to research and refine your selection. Theres also a bunch of helpful actions you do with files such as; view, bookmark, download, email, subscribe to changes, modify (if you have rights). You can even add documents and files to a new or existing collaboration session.

  • Version control

    We've made version control easy and logical. New versions can be added simple by drag n dropping them and selecting if tis a major or minor version. You can add helpful comments and notes. Notifications can inform users when a new version is added making sure you're always working on the right document.

  • Related documents

    Quickly and easily save related documents and files to provide a full history or context to your information. Quotes can be associated with purchase orders, purchase order to invoices, emails to support.

  • Document history and audit

    See the complete history of every document and file. When it was created, by who, when it was updated etc.

Feature Title

File sharing with muscle

Managed, controlled and secure file sharing meets real-time collaboration and document management. Sharing files has never been so easy and secure. Just select the files you want to share and invite anyone. Familiar collaboration tools take file sharing to an entire new level.

  • Quickly share any document or file

    Instead of using email, quickly add documents and files to a file share, add users and presto! If you need to create file shares with non PIQNIC users, no problem. Just add their email address with a personal message and you'll be collaborating in no time.

  • Instant messaging

    Say goodbye to endless email updates with instant messaging. A messaging wall displays chat and events such as new documents, users, decisions and actions.

  • Approval and decision management

    Don't just share your files, put them to work with approvals and decision management. Quickly and easily create decisions with mandatory comment for certain decisions. You can even select voting rules for larger teams. All approvals and decisions are kept as a matter of record. You can even add a due date.

  • Progress indicator

    When a file share requires action, a progress indicator tells you whats happening.

  • Expiry date

    You can add a due date if your file share needs to be actioned by a specific date and time. Users will receive notifications with reminders.

  • Connected to document management

    File shares and collaboration are often the creation point for new documents and files. PIQNIC can automatically capture and classify any file in a file share and save it to PIQNIC. Say goodbye to lost documents.

  • Advanced document contribution

    Participants of file shares can do more than just add files. PIQNIC allows them to add versions, comments and they can even classify documents and files making them available to all authorized PIQNIC users.

  • Version control

    If new versions of shared documents and files are created, PIQNIC records these as major or minor versions and allows contributors to comment on whats changed and why. If these are PIQNIC documents, they'll automatically be updated so everyone is working on the latest document.

  • Notifications

    Get notified when there's action on your files shares. Messaging, decisions, new documents or versions and work progress.

  • Auditing

    If left unmanaged, your information can get into the wrong hands. With PIQNIC you can see who shared a document or file, who they shared it with and what happened with a complete history of decisions, changes and messaging etc.

Feature Title

Powerful team collaboration

PIQNIC combines real-time workspaces, task and project management, communications, workflow
and file sharing, cleverly connected with document management, all in one place. Team communication re-imagined.

  • User created workspaces

    Choose how you want to collaborate. Start with simple file sharing, then create more smarter and connected workplaces with internal and external users. Add decision management, due dates, messaging, tasks, projects, delegation and workflow, all from a beautifully crafted user experience.

  • Customized notifications

    Nobody likes being distracted when they're working so we've made it easy for you to control how you get notified. You can also choose what you get notified about and by whom. A nice way to join in on the action without all the distractions.

  • Team communication

    Instant person to person or team messaging is available in any mode of collaboration, so say goodbye to email and separate messaging apps. System messages such as collaboration events, workflow approvals, new document versions and decisions lets you know what's happening around you. The best part is all your communication is connected to workspaces and document management so you'll never lose valuable information in endless messaging threads.

  • Smart dashboard

    Keep track of what’s happening across your teams and projects in real time. Get a high-level view of your work, tasks, project activity and team progress in the blink of an eye, instead of distracting your teams with pointless meetings and endless emails.

  • Collaborate with anyone

    For collaboration to be truly effective, it needs to extend beyond PIQNIC users, to anyone, even people and teams outside your business. That's why we let you invite anyone so you can collaborate without restrictions.

  • Document control

    Collaboration is often about sharing, creating, receiving, editing or approving documents. Now you never have to worry about losing your documents and files when your collaboration session ends because PIQNIC automatically takes care of them for you. Even if you're not part of a collaboration event, you can get notified when information you're interested in becomes available.

  • Team & work management

    Instantly see what's happening with your teams, tasks and projects. Project updates, communications and progress indicators. Includes individual and broadcast communications so you don't have distract people with meetings and emails.

  • Decision management

    Get work or documents approved with decision management. Simply create a task and assign it to people and teams. Create decision and voting rules and ask for reasons if a decision is declined or rejected.

  • Voting rules

    Decision management lets you create voting rules to complete work. You can select any number of votes to complete a task or even select any number of individual users to vote. All decisions made are kept as a record.

  • Work delegation and second-in-charge

    If you're out of the office, you can delegate all your work or just certain tasks to other PIQNIC users so work keeps happening.

Feature Title

Communication with purpose

Fast, fun, secure and easy to use business grade communication without all the distractions, lost files and information buried in endless threads. With PIQNIC, chat is built in so people and teams are always communicating on topic.

  • Work centric communication

    Make sure your communications and information isn't spread across several apps and doesn't get buried in endless messaging threads. Keep it on topic with instant communication that's connected to work.

  • Messaging across all modes of collaboration

    From simple file sharing to work spaces, tasks, projects and workflows. Chat with those involved to improve communication without all the noise and distractions.

  • Event communication

    Get notified when there's action you're interested in. Collaboration events like new documents, versions, decisions and messaging are included in an activity wall. A toggle switch makes it easy to turn these off if you want to limit the view to team communication.

  • User configurable communication

    You decide how you receive communication. You can turn email notifications on (and off!), You can even decide what and who you want to receive communications about so you can get on with it without the distractions.

  • User presence indicator

    See when your colleagues and other collaboration teams are online.

  • Connected to document management

    Messaging is connected to document management so if documents and files are added to a chat session, they'll be automatically added to PIQNIC so you'll never have to hunt for them again.

  • Smart links

    Links to documents, work spaces, task and projects will take you right into the action from team chat

  • Broadcast communication

    If you've grouped multiple tasks into a project, you can broadcast messages to all teams across all tasks. Responses filter back to the appropriate task.

Feature Title

Task and project management

Everything you need to be super organized is at your finger tips. What’s more, PIQNIC can automatically capture all your project and task documents, files, emails and communications, all in one place.

  • Quick and easy task creation

    For the same effort it takes to create an email, bring teams together in a more productive way. Declutter your inbox with PIQNIC tasks. Templates for common tasks makes for rapid work creation.

  • Groups tasks into projects

    Grouping tasks into projects makes it easier to manage workloads while keeping everybody on the same page and your project under control. Each task has it's own rules, workflow, users and files so teams are focused on what matters. Adding a new task to a project will automatically update the gantt chart.

  • Visual project dashboard

    See real-time visibility across all your projects. Take the 30,000 foot view and track the progress of your teams or company's progress right down to task and participant level.

  • Manage projects and tasks from a single tool

    Put an end to shuffling between documents, email chains, communication tools and other single purpose apps to keep your projects on course. PIQNIC is everything you need manage projects your way.

  • To do list

    Instantly see work that you manage or work that's assigned to you. Task wall is a birds eye view of how you're tracking with important information displayed with real time updates.

  • Event notifications

    With PIQNIC automated notifications, you'll never have to wait for another update again. Get informed of what's happening with your projects and teams as it unfolds in real-time.

  • Connected with document management

    Documents and files are an important part of most tasks and projects but all too often, they are misplaced or too difficult to manage. PIQNIC takes care of this with automated document capture and classification so you'll never lose an important task or project document again.

  • Centralized communications

    Get all your task and project communications in one place without having to leave the platform. Updates, messaging, progress, event notification and knowledge without the need to use multiple apps.

  • 2nd incharge and delegation

    If you're ever out of the office or have too much on your plate, help is just a click away. Quickly set up a 2nd in charge for your project or delegate certain tasks to colleagues.

  • Automated Gantt chart creation

    Simply add tasks to a project and PIQNIC creates the gantt chart for you. Active gantt charts provide more than just project visualisation. Each bar includes live feeds of key metrics to help you understand exactly where your project is at. Selecting a bar will take you directly into the action.

Feature Title

User created workflow

Free up your time from everyday receptive tasks. Now you can automate, track and complete processes that you build yourself. Become a process rockstar with PIQNIC’s easy to use workflow.

  • Easy to use process builder

    Build your process step by step from the beginning to completion. Each step can have its own rules, decision, people and information. Use of natural language makes it easy to become a workflow master.

  • Event triggers

    Create event triggers that automatically activates tasks or processes.

  • Automated document control

    All new documents, files or versions that enter your workflow are managed by the PIQNIC document manager so you'll never lose another file again.

  • External user participation

    In many cases, completing work involves connecting with people outside your organization. PIQNIC lets you invite anyone you like to help you get work done, quicker and easier.

  • Progress notifications

    See at a glance how your processes are tracking from individual participant progress through to each step and overall workflow progress.

  • Includes communication and collaboration

    Sometimes rigid processes require team or individual knowledge to keep them moving. Flexible communication and team collaboration tools make this possible.

  • Workflow dashboard

    See real-time, clear visibility of your processes. Edit processes on the fly and intervene at any stage to help teams be more productive.

  • Decision and rule management

    PIQNIC's workflow builder uses natural language when designing your process. Build any number of decisions and talk yourself through the process through to completion.

Feature Title

Tough security


Protecting your data and information is really important. We’ve built PIQNIC with multiple levels of strong security and data protection. With our robust platform security, admins totally control what levels they apply to data and users.

  • Network access and infrastructure security

    PIQNIC is protected by multiple levels of network security controlling access to the platform. Document and database storage is fully separated from the platform’s presentation tier which prevents direct access to the PIQNIC repository. Access to the service is audited by our security infrastructure team on a regular basis and basic auditing of activity is provided within the platform. Advanced auditing functionality for administrators is planned in future releases.

  • Durability

    PIQNIC provides year-around 99.99% availability, and durability of 99.999999999% of data by taking advantage of duplicated storage technology. PIQNIC takes extra measures to protect data against loss by replicating the encrypted content to other data centres that are completely separate in all critical aspects: telecommunication links, power supply, physical location, etc. PIQNIC storage is designed to sustain concurrent loss of data in two facilities.

  • Data encryption in motion and at rest

    All data uploaded to and from PIQNIC as well as all the communication between PIQNIC servers and users is encrypted. This provides secured access from unsecured wireless connections or other public internet access points.

  • Data privacy and compliance

    PIQNIC is hosted in the AWS cloud and leverages compliance certifications which apply to the infrastructure used. See a list of compliances here: https://aws.amazon.com/complia... AWS is used for data storage to ensure compliance of personal data protection directives. - Independent validation to the SOC2 and ISEA 3000 Type II standards - SSL encryption (256-bit) prevents interception of data while in transit - Content encrypted at rest to protect from unauthorized access on the server

  • Robust Authentication & Authorization

    PIQNIC is segmented into domains to allow for a logical separation of documents and other artefacts between customer organizations. All users must authenticate themselves using a strong password and some types of users are required to go through 2 step authentication. Once they are authenticated, they are authorized to access a specific organizational domain which gives them access to document management and collaboration tools available to that organization. The level of access is determined through their group membership so their activity is always confined to the appropriate part of the PIQNIC platform.

  • Securing information with ease

    Information in PIQNIC is secured using granular permissions and role-based security to ensure authenticated users only access the data they’re authorized to. Powerful and flexible security should not require complexity and specialist knowledge to administer it. That's why PIQNIC security model is smart and has been designed to be simple and intuitive both to implement and manage. At its core, it is built around the ability to control and restrict the scope of document searches executed by users. This model allows implementation of complex security requirements while reducing administrative overheads required for the maintenance of a finely tuned security model for organizations of different sizes and requirements.

  • Secure collaboration with control

    PIQNIC's multi layered security settings make it easy to customize the platform to exactly match how you work with teams, internally or externally. Our security model clearly differentiates between users who belong to your organization and those who don’t. At the top level, administrators control content access for internal users, who in turn initiate collaboration tasks and decide what is shared (from the information they have access to) and who is invited. External users that may be invited to a collaboration session therefore have access to the content moderated by both administrators and internal task owners.

  • Auditing and notifications

    Through a smart built-in events framework, PIQNIC listens and registers various types of events such as user activity, document lifecycle events and collaborative tasks, and uses this information to populate audit logs of collaboration tasks and documents making full audit trails of all managed information instantly available. At a user request, some of these events can be relayed to users through instant notifications. Users and administrators are in full control of all important aspects of notification settings - events monitored, notification frequency, notification channel, etc.

Feature Title

Administration made easy

With the platform ready to go, you can deploy PIQNIC very quickly. Simple menus and dashboards make it easy for non technical people to administer the platform.

  • Roles

    Quickly create or edit roles for your company. Easy to follow permissions, assignees, access polices, available searches and document capture rules makes deploying new users and updating existing super easy and fast. Any new users can simply be added to an existing group. Access polices can provide granular access rules such as users who belong to a certain branch or department only have access to their information.

  • User management

    User management and reporting provides usage patterns, login's and actions. Detailed reports are available for external collaboration users so you can keep track of access, work and any activities they participate in. Instant user lock removes access permissions.

  • Document class templates

    For large and varied documents types, document class templates help you build an efficient repository. Templates automatically create default search and document capture zones making deployments a breeze.

  • Storage management

    PIQNIC takes care of your storage requirements automatically so you'll never run out of space. Automated backup can back up your data for additional redundancy. Volume management allows you to specify volume management globally or by region or document and user metadata.

  • Retention policies

    You can have any number of Retention Policies governing the lifecycle of documents. The objective of Retention Policies is to govern the automatic destruction of documents. Similar to Storage Policies, Retention Policies evaluate Document Metadata in relation to defined Retention Policies to establish a date of disposal.

  • System dashboard

    Instant access to your systems status and logs shows you how your system and users are performing.

  • External collaboration management

    Instantly see lists of external users that your teams are collaborating with. See a complete history with detailed view of all tasks and files shares their participating in and what actions they've taken. Instant account lock blocks all user access.

  • Bulk document and file importer

    Used for regular or one-off data and file imports, PIQNIC's bulk importer takes all the fuss out of managing high volume data capture. You can run these in real-time or use our smart scheduler to process files when you want.

  • Migration module

    We've made is easy to migrate your information from multiple sources to PIQNIC so all your information is neatly stored in one place. Contact us if you need help migrating from any ECM or document management system. Chances are we've done it before.

  • Configurable communication templates

    Used for updating PIQNIC users of certain work events, pre-configured communication templates makes for rapid deployment. You can even change the language to make it even more personal.

  • Auditing

    Auditing users, data and activity logs is easy with smart reports. Instantly see a detailed view of how your system is being used making auditing a breeze.

  • Access polices

    Organizations can configure Access Policies to implement any restrictions and/or grants they want to impose on their document repository. Any easier way to manage complex access and search practices.