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PIQNIC is a super platform where work management, team collaboration and document management connect.

Where information is easily accessible and files never get lost. Where communication, ideas, tasks and projects happen in harmony without endless meetings, emails and distractions.



They have had enough of disorganization, inefficient work practices and information spread across multiple systems and apps.

The good news... Everything you need to be super organised is on the one smart platform

Where document management connects with team collaboration

A digital workplace platform that brings all your work together in one place

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Smart document management

The way we capture, search and share information has changed.  Put an end to digital chaos and instantly find anything you need no matter where it is or what it is.

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File sharing with muscle

File sharing meets real-time collaboration. Share files, request approvals and decisions, edit and add versions, instant messaging and automated workflow

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Powerful team collaboration

Everything you need, and more to build super productive and connected teams. Keep your teams (and anyone else) on the same page.

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Communication with purpose

The way we communicate has changed. The way you communicate with your teams, partners and customers should change too.

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Task and project management

Quickly bring the right people and information together with the perfect balance of familiar features, then watch it all happen without endless meetings, emails and distractions

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User created workflow

You know the process, now build it quickly and watch the magic happen.  From simple to complex, create easy to follow workflows and watch your productivity soar.

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Tough security

We've built the perfect balance between creating a platform that teams want to use, without ever compromising the security and integrity of your data.

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Administration made easy

PIQNIC's smart management makes admin and compliance much easier. Say goodbye to managing endless access lists and complex user groups.

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